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The new security system for your above ground pool.



Guardian can prevent children from falling into the pool.

Children are curious by nature making them vulnerable. “Telling them to not go near the pool is often not enough. Water is an attractive substance for children”. We can’t expect a two year old child to act reasonably around a pool. Even a child who has learned to float or swim in a controlled environment can drown unexpectedly if they fall. “Most of the time, children fall into the pool trying to get a toy they dropped or that are near by the pools edge.” Continue

With our system, we advocate a different approach at the door of the pool Deck.

  • Replace lock by a chain lock door key placed inside the enclosure
  • Put the lock at the sight of the child (on the outside of the enclosure)

With this approach, the child who arrives at a door locked and really wants to find a way to cross it to pass over or try to reach the lock often located inside the door. Or this way, the child who crossed the access will be in the critical area.

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