The pool Guardian "Security and privacy at last!"

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This product was created in order to stage with a gap which, at the court of the years, made several victims. The purpose of the Guardian is to inform any intrusion on a perimeter given (circumference of swimming pool and Deck) by any person, mainly the children.

The guardian warns you and prevents the child from falling to the water and not, after he fell! The Guardian can be connected to alarm system of your residence and your swimming pool then, becomes supervised by your exchange of alarm. Several swimming pools have an inadequate installation by pure preoccupation of esthetics or an ignorance of the danger. The Guard, from his design, gives another dimension to the esthetism, without forgetting a safety moreover with contour too often left accessible to the children. A toy like a carriage for child, a wheelbarrow, a chair of floor left close to the swimming pool, or quite simply a dustbin can be inciting with the child to rise on with dimensions wall and to rock as it too often arrives! The access to the swimming pool must have a certain minimum of constraint even if you do not have a child think of the neighbor with the people who come visited you the children who court while you discussed everywhere inside. Even if the other children come to alert to you are you measures some to cross the distance which separates you and to have sorite the child of water in 6 seconds? It is the time which takes a small lung on average to fill! The Guard has an endurance of more than 48 hours without any source of food. It with the characteristic to be always in function 7 days a week and 24h /24. Never sleeps!

At the time of your bathe you will have only to compose your code with four digits then to indicate the preset time which you envisage to bathe is (15, 30, 45,60 minutes max). 1 minute before the end of time granted the system will warn us by tonality which the system will arm soon. You will have thus the choice to leave or again increase the time of bathe. This principle with for goal to eliminate the lapse of memory from rearmament of the system and/or to limit the time of nonmonitoring of the swimming pool. This perfectly autonomous system, can also supervise the bathes! Yes, certain person bathes unfortunately only and even if they suffering of disease (Malayan cardiac, asthma….) and, at least with system they will be able to be obtained from the assistance in a few minutes without having to make efforts which could prove to be fatal.

Its aesthetic “look” gets also an excellent privacy for the bathers who will be with the shelter of the glances of too curious neighbor! On some model, enlightened panels of color will get also an aesthetic effect of more noticed and envied. It should be noted that the panels adapt to all the sizes of deck. The system at summer conceived so as to avoid any quiet breakdown. If a breaking or a breakdown of the system occurred, immediately would be advised for you either by your exchange of alarm and/or your case of control or with a warning of breakdown. Diagnostic will be already to post with the reader. You would have that to consult the procedure established in order to solve the problem.



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