The pool Guardian "Security and privacy at last!"

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With our system, we advocate a different approach at the door of the pool Deck.

  • Replace lock by a chain lock door key placed inside the enclosure.
  • Put the lock at the sight of the child (on the outside of the enclosure)

With this approach, the child who arrives at a door locked and really wants to find a way to cross it to pass over or try to reach the lock often located inside the door. Or this way, the child who crossed the access will be in the critical area.

With our system, The Guardian, the door contact and lock chain, ensures the security of access. The child always watching you, so when he sees that he has to reach the latch to open the door to take open it, he will try that again. The child will do so without having to think about an alternative way to counter the lock and enter. Your line is (key) will ensure that the door can be opened more to allow the necessary clearance for the system triggers. The door closes again through the spring.

When the alarm is triggered only manual action on the keypad is needed to stop it. This way, the alarm is required verification from an adult.