The pool Guardian "Security and privacy at last!"

Questions and Answers

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When and where can this pool security system will be available?
All information is available at any pool store providers close to you.

Does this security system can be installed on any pool length?
This security system is adaptable to most of the length and shape of above ground pools and also can be adapted to all pool deck.

Are there many different colors to choose from for the security panels?
Of course they will be offered in many different colors such as : blue, white, smoke, transparent, onyx and mint

Question asked by :
M. Guy Tremblay, Québec.
Is The Guardian easy to install and can we do it ourselves?

The Guardian is easy to install you can do it yourself.
Tools you will need:
One drill
½ inch bit
pair of pliers
screw driver
Approximate time to install for a 24) foot pool is about 1.5 hrs.

Is the system generated by electricity or battery operated?)
The Guardian is electricity generated but carries an emergency battery.

Is there any risks for electric shocks?
It is impossible to get an electric shock unless you do not follow the instructions.

Will it still works if there is no electricity?
When the electricity is out it will still work because of its emergency back up battery. This battery can function for 24 hours without any other sources of energy.

What happen when the emergency battery is empty?
If the emergency battery took over for 24 hours, a sound will be heard and you will be alerted that your pool is no longer being monitored at all. There are 2 reasons if you hear that sound first as we described above and second is that the system got disconnected from its panel or that the breaker panel reset.