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Quebec Journal: Wednesday June 14 2006,

Escaped and rescued drowning by a neighbour nurse a little 3 years old girl was saved by the neighbour nurse who was able to bring her back to life last night. (Jean Laroche) It is at around 18:15 on Montpellier street, Beauport that this incident took place.

The family was just finishing supper. The little girl decided to go for a swim without telling her parents. The little girl did not noticed that she jumped in the pool without her safety "balloons" on. Earlier before supper her older sister forgot to close the fenced.

After a few minutes the neighbour shared that the child was turning blue. After only 2 minutes elapsed the nurse, M. St-Pierre worked on her trying to resuscitate her. The young girl finally vomited that helped the nurse to administered artificial breathing techniques.

When the emergency services arrived the little girl seemed well even though she was crying laying on the stretcher. She was transported to the (CHUL) hospital and she was out of danger. Police officer Francois Bouchard reported that it was a miracle as we all know the first 4 minutes of a drowning are usually critical, but for the little today she was out of danger.<....Happy ending....>